Reading List

While it is practice that defines a path, tradition, or system, and it cannot be learned from books, but only passed down or experienced, books and other media can provide pointers to practice and can serve as guides or inspiration to find the Truth that must be found alone.  The reading suggestions on this page form a collection of pointers that might help the seeker, student, or practitioner to dig deeper and find the Truth they seek.  This list is mostly non-Grimr sources but contain truth and ideas relevant to Grimr.  All must be taken critically and not taken as necessarily true or complete.  There is a saying in Huna, that not all knowledge is taught in one school.  Use this list to find tidbits and hints to find what you truly seek.

Non-Fiction (General)

  • Buddhism and Hinduism
  • Ceremonial Magic, Grimoire Tradition,Rosicrucian, Golden Dawn, and Thelema Related
  • Charms and Spells
  • Christian Mystics and Mysticism
  • Cultus Sabbati
  • Faeries and other Hidden People
  • Feri Tradition and Related or Influenced Traditions
  • Healing, Plants, and Herbalism
  • Italian Witchcraft
  • Jewish, Arabic, and Middle Eastern Magic and Traditions
  • Judaism and the Kabbalah
  • King Arthur, the Grail, and Arthurian Legend
  • Literary Theory
  • Miscellaneous Non-Fiction
  • Mythology, Faerie Tales, Folk Stories, and Inventive History
  • Possession
  • Robert Cochrane, Clan of Tubal Cain, and Related or Influenced Traditions
  • Saints, Sages, Hermits, and Other Figures
  • The Devil
  • Traditional Witchcraft and Witchcraft History
  • War, Martial Thought, and Fighting

Non-Fiction (Regional History)

  • British Isle History
  • Celtic Myth and Legend
  • East Asian Thought and History
  • Etruscan, Greek, and Roman Myth and History
  • European Heresy, Dissent, and Religious History

Non-Fiction (Regional General)

  • Europe-Asia
    • Balkan Witchcraft
    • British Witchcraft
    • Northern European and Asian Shamanism
    • Northern European and Heathen Traditions, Myth, Magic, and Practice
    • Taoism, Chinese Folk Religion and Practice
  • North America
    • American Witchcraft
    • Mountain West
    • New England
    • Southwest and California



  • Fantasy
  • King Arthur, Grail, and Arthurian Legend
  • Celtic Myth and Legend
  • Robin Hood Legend
  • Modern Day
  • Mythology, Faerie Tales, Folk Stories, and Inventive History
  • Graphic Novels

Magazines and Periodicals

Blogs and Website Articles

  • Articles and Websites with Articles
  • Blogs
  • Forums and Online Communities
  • Online Texts
  • Shops and Businesses
  • Traditions and Paths

Movies, Videos, and Television