Reception Hall

Welcome to the Reception Hall.

You have arrived.  Maybe you walked, maybe you drove, maybe you rode a horse or bike.  Maybe a taxi or bus or friend dropped you off.  Whatever method you took, you stand in front of the Abbey, of the grounds, the front court behind you, where any cars or such are parked, and the buildings and gardens and environs spread out before you.

Right in front, you see a one story building, the walls and towers of the other buildings rising behind it. It’s not a large building, but not too small either. It is built of stone and looks to have been there a long time. Permanent. Foundational. In the front are a series or arches, about seven feet tall at their peak, supported by the pillars between them. Each has a sculpted spider web in the peak. Thirteen pillars, twelve arches, each arch about six feet across and seven high. Past these is a shadowed porch, a roofed area between the pillars and the front of the building. There are tables and chairs set up, giving the feel of a welcoming Italian cafe. Here and there, a few people sit talking, and a guitarist sits tuning a guitar, getting read to play.

Walking through the porch, you come to a pair of huge double doors, nine feet tall and nine feet across counting both doors. On each door is a carved spider web. The doors are curved, forming a peak at the top of the doorway, and are wide open, welcoming you to enter.

You pass through the doors and are greeted by a figure, a person that holds themselves with authority, but still seems humble like a servant, and could turn you away or allow you to enter. The Gatekeeper, the Guardian of the Threshold.

The Gatekeeper greets you.  “Be welcome.  Feel free to look around.”

Looking, you see a small cafe on one end, an information booth, mailboxes, and a large map of the abbey.  You investigate.


Here you can find out information about Grimr Abbey and about the Grimr, discover what is offered, and get in contact with us.